Repairing a Concrete Crack

If you have a rough concrete patios or walkways that have minor cracks on the surface you can choose to repair them by filling them using concrete repair caulk. However, this method has a disadvantage in that after caulking the minor surface cracks, it will be obvious that you did caulk repair because the color and texture of caulk doesn’t blend with color and texture of concrete slab. However, you can hide the fact that you did caulking repair by using playsand.

Materials needed

Some of the things that you will need to repair a concrete crack can include caulk gun, latex gloves, siliconized concrete caulk, shop rag, old spoon, soft wire brush made of nylon and concrete colorant.

How to repair

Start by cleaning crack in concrete using the soft wire brush made of nylon. You should then put on the latex gloves and remove your caulk as well as caulk gun. Snip the tube’s opening at an angle of 30-degres and ensure that the opening of the tube is of the same size as the crack.  Use the old spoon to smooth caulk bead. Use the rag to wipe the spoon until it is clean. You can use mineral spirit to wipe the spoon.

O'Fallon, MO concrete repair

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Sprinkle the ordinary play sand over caulk after you have applied in the crack. Ensure that you do this when still wet or setting up. Avoid being stingy when using sand. Instead, ensure that you cover the whole part of the caulk job such that you do not miss any part. In case you have a concrete patio, walkway or slab or you would like to match the sand with the true color of concrete, use some concrete colorant from a hardware shop and mix it with the sand. It is advisable that you should mix the colorant and sand in a small container that is reusable. You should then sprinkle the mixture on the wet caulk.

Allow the mixture of sand and caulk to dry before brushing it off. This will ensure that you have a clean repair. While the lines of the cracks will still be visible, they may not stick out as badly as they would be with only caulk repair.

Important tips and warnings

You should ensure that urethane caulk doesn’t come into contact with your clothes or bare hands. Not only it extremely sticky but it can be difficult to get it off your clothes or skin. It can also ruin your clothes and therefore, it is important to wear shop clothes. Remember to put on disposable gloves when applying caulk and use a spoon to smoothen caulk bead. If urethane caulk comes into contact with your skin, you should wipe it out quickly using a cloth dampened with paint thinner.

The good thing with repairing concrete cracks is that it is not a difficult task and anybody can do it. Not only will it make your concrete to look better but it will also extend the life of concrete as it keep out elements.